Hagay Hardware & Dist. Ltd. located in Israel started about 35 years ago. 
Over the years it was developed and today it is a big complex for variety of products for locksmiths and home solutions. 
We import and sale security & hardware products such as cylinders , locksmith tools, key blanks, key cutting machines, decoders tools, locks, and other hardware products. 
We cooperate with several suppliers located in Italy, China, Spain, Germany England and Taiwan. 

PROMAX is the company's home brand, which incorporates a series of selected products that includes a wide range of high quality imported products while maintaining a fair and competitive price level.

We apply goods and service to customers (hardware shops) all over the country, with personal service by professional sales representative. 
Our Agents grant warm and personal relationship between our experienced agents and the customers.
Our sales reps use tablets for demonstration and On-Line connection with company’s computer system.
We are very strong in the market of hardware stores, we have 8 agents that cover all the country and we supply to 1000 stores.
Our agents visit every store twice a month, they have a printed catalog, which you can find a like Here. We recently upgraded our website to be at our customer's service as a website for making orders